HCS provides Leadership, Management and IT Training solutions for Chief Executives, Directors, Managers and for corporate bodies, including engineering companies around the world to help them improve their business performance. Our courses are available in-house and at a number of international locations which include London and America. All training's and courses are conducted by experienced and professional from relevant fields and in partners with London Business School. Training's are organized every quarter and participants are encouraged to apply in group.

HOPe Care Services is a professional membership body and an examination board. We develop business and management qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level. HCS qualifications provide progression routes to degree and Masters programmers worldwide.
At HCS we are committed to offering qualifications that are relevant, recognized and respected. Our staff support this commitment at all times.

We have a set of values that run through everything we do. They explain how we work. They reflect the needs of our customers – from prospective students to employers.
If you would like an information pack sent to you, please email us.


All of our qualifications are developed in consultation with sector skills councils and employers and reflect the very latest industrial standards. We take a practical approach to learning and aim to create the professionals of tomorrow.


We are global and open to all who have the talent and drive to succeed. Our range of business qualifications and network of ‘accredited colleges’ worldwide adds to our accessibility.


We keep pace with the fast-moving business world, reflecting the latest and most relevant educational thinking.


HCS recognized around the world - from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in the UK to Ministries of Education and Employers in other countries.


HOPe Care Services Executives Qualifications
HCS offers a range of progressive, flexible and affordable business and management qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and, in the case of the Business Management programmer, Postgraduate Diploma level (Levels, 3, 5, 6 and 7 respectively).
All our qualifications are accredited by the QCA, the UK qualifications regulatory authority.


HCS has a network of over 500 accredited colleges, so you are sure to find one close to you. We also welcome students who prefer to follow our programmers by self-study. Students who choose to study for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management independently of an HCS accredited college, must apply and read the detailed guidance in the Postgraduate Diploma information to ensure you ‘Qualify’. Before you start you should have an idea of the programmer and level you wish to follow. As our programmers are offered at various academic levels, acceptance onto the Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma will be based on your previous educational qualifications. We look forward to welcoming you to HCS.


If you have previously registered with HCS and have been issued with a membership number, you must not register again. Even if you intend to take up a new programmer, you must still continue with your existing membership. If your membership has been inactive i.e. subscription fee not paid for two or more years, it is very likely that it would have been lapsed. Please send an email to to enquire about your membership status and how to resume your association with HCS.


The three-hour written external examinations are held twice a year (usually the first week in June and December). HCS manages the entire examination process, from its external centers around the world, to invigilation and marking.