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Business Development Director

Business Development Director

Developing the Business


Francis John is the Chief of International Business Development in the Kansas based company HOPe Care Services (HCS), where he has devoted his twenty-five-plus years of international and business expertise to create relationships whose long term positive impact on people in the US and Africa is far-reaching. He has extensive experience in customer acquisition & support, events & promotions, cross-cultural communication, diversity and inclusion training, cultural proficiency development and enhancement, as well as developing creative ways of building bridges. He is a driver of project deployment on an international level. His recent activities include work with indigenous peoples, immigrants, refugees, small business development, cross-cultural communication, multicultural development as well as advocacy.

Francis is viewed as a community leader in the US. He views this role as one of great importance in building relationships, business opportunities, and addressing social justice issues. Francis often serves as a consultant in business matters, especially when doing business with Africa including working with HOPe Africa United Nations/US Non-Profit organizations that serve Africa.


Francis is a frequent speaker and trainer for governmental organizations, educational institutions, corporations, Non-Profit organizations as well as small businesses. He serves on several boards including the Prospectors World in Kansas City, HOPe Africa, KuliKuli Entertainment, PadAid, Pencil Pyramid, and British American Nursing School. He lives in Kansas City, travels the world extensively with his family, and helps others access travel opportunities.

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