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Head of Operations and Technology

Head of Operations and Technology

Head of Operations


John Hall is Chief of Operations & Technology Development in the Kansas City-based corporation HOPe Care Services where he has devoted his 30+ years of experience in a wide range of business and constructions management assignments, backed by a strong technical background in the commercialization & manufacturing aspects of the solar industry. He has extensive experience in solar, construction and safety with positions in research & development, pilot production facilities, workforce development and regional solar installation applications.

Having a depth of knowledge on both technical advances in the filed as well as the scientific concepts behind the technology is critical to customizing solutions & maximizing success.


John is a member of the American Vacuum Society. He is the past Chairman of the safety committee for the Associated Builders & Contractors, Rocky Mountain Chapter. Presently he holds an instructor’s position for the community college system in Colorado, teaching renewable energy, OSHA, and Lead awareness and safety. He has also instructed for the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA), participated in the WIRED grant (DOL grant) along with the Adams County Workforce Center in a training video for a solar manufacturing position in the state of Colorado.

John volunteers with churches on workforce development, energy efficiency, and conservation matters, and with non-profit organizations for the re-integration of prisoners and disadvantaged youths into the workforce.

Post: Head of Operations
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